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for the can seamer / can sealer industry, specializing in Continental/Closetech and Pneumatic Scale Angelus machines.


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Quality Connection is your source for quality engineered can closing and seamer machine parts. We have been providing the industry with aftermarket can closing / can seamer parts since 1991 however, our knowledge surpasses 50 years in the can closing and seamer industry.

We have grown into one of the top premier can closing / seamer parts manufacturers and distributors in the world. While we focus on the Continental / Closetech seamer brand we also have the ability to provide and reverse engineer parts for Angelus machines as well as any other can closing machines on the market.

Quality Connection got its roots with one of the most well-known can seamer individuals; Al Moon, with over 50 years in the industry. Quality Connection continues to grow and provides can seamer parts to companies all over the world.

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We Do


Aftermarket Engineered Parts

For over 32 years, Quality Connection has been a leading supplier of aftermarket parts to food, beverage, packaging, converting and consumer goods industries. Today many of world's largest food and beverage companies purchase Quality Connection replacement parts to significantly reduce inventory costs and minimize machine downtime. These partnerships have significantly reduced company’s maintenance cost while saving thousands of dollars.

Make sure your storeroom is equipped with the parts you need to ensure your machines stay up and running.


Reverse Engineer & manufactured parts

Quality Connection has that capability to take parts you need and fabricate them to meet your specifications.

Quality Connection’s reverse engineering process begins by determining whether we can save your company significant money by reverse engineering your parts. When we determine your cost savings then the process of developing a 3D SolidWorks by our engineers begins. Once that phase is completed to the specifications, they are sent to our manufacturing partners for the machining process.


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