November 2, 2023
Chad Kreel

Did You Know? 

The history of the Continental / Closetech can seaming machines dates back to the early 1900’s. That’s right…Continental Can Company started producing cans and can seamers made to last.  

There are still many of these machines in operation today because they refuse to give up. As long as they are well maintained and greased, all they need to wear parts replaced as needed. Here are a list of some of the can seaming machines still in operation today: 

  • Panama Closing Machines (S Machine) (1914)
  • 24-DS (1920s) 
  • 38-DS (1930s) 
  • 81-C (1950s) 
  • 220-VDS (1950s) 
  • 301-GCR (1930s) 
  • 304-CR (1940s) 
  • 318-PDS (1950s) 
  • 334-CR (1940s) 
  • 415 (1950s) 
  • 450-HCM (1960s) 
  • 2000 series Closetech / Pneumatic Scale Angelus (1980s – present) 

Quality Connection is a resource for these older machines as well as new Closetech can seamers. When you are looking for parts for your Closetech can closing machine or any other can seamer, reach out to Quality Connection as your trusted resource for can closing parts.  

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