October 27, 2023
Chad Kreel

The iconic Food & Beverage can closing brand – Closetech is one of the most simple yet powerful can seamers in the industry. To this day, it’s ability to quickly change seaming spindles and speed alternation sets Closetech apart from the others in the industry. It’s roots come from one of the largest can manufactures (Continental Can Company) back in the early 1900s.

Now owned by one of the largest OEMs in the industry, Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) it still offers customers looking for simple and easy to use can closers a viable solution. The 2000 series machines consisting of 2003-RCM, 2004-RCM, and 2006-RCM is wide spread and used by many of the fortune 500 food and beverage companies. Closetech can seamer family also includes the 2000 series high-speed series of machines that can move up to 1200 cans per minutes! Best of all, the parts used with 2000 series Closetech can seamers are manufactured with scalability in mind. Many parts are interchangeable and readily available as aftermarket parts allowing a huge cost savings for customers using these machines.

When you are looking for parts for your Closetech can closing machine or any other can seamer, each out to Quality Connection as your trusted resource for can closing machines parts.

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