Closetech Can Seamers are Specialized Machines Used to Seal Metal Cans

November 1, 2023
Chad Kreel

Continental / Closetech can seamers, also known as can closing machines, are specialized machines used in the packaging industry to seal metal cans. These machines are designed to create a secure and airtight seam or closure on the can, ensuring the contents remain fresh and protected. 

The canning process typically involves several steps, including filling the cans with the desired product, such as food or beverages, and then sealing the cans to prevent contamination and maintain product quality. Can seamers are used specifically for the sealing or closing step. Continental / Closetech can seamers are known for their high-speed operation, reliability, and precision and simplicity. They are widely used in the food and beverage industry, particularly for sealing cans of carbonated beverages, such as soda or beer, and canned goods. 

The operation of a can seamer involves placing the filled can on a rotating platform or chuck, which holds the can in place during the sealing process. The chuck lifts the can against a seaming head, which consists of multiple rollers or seaming tools. These rollers or tools gradually form the can lid or end onto the can body, creating a double seam that securely seals the can. The seaming process typically involves several stages, including first rolling the lid onto the can body to create the initial seam, then forming the second seam to provide additional strength and airtightness. The seaming operation is performed with great precision to ensure proper alignment and tightness of the seams. 

Continental / Closetech can seamers can handle a variety of can sizes and types, including standard beverage cans, food cans, and even aerosol cans. They are available in different configurations and capacities to suit various production requirements, ranging from small-scale operations to high-speed canning lines. These machines often incorporate advanced features such as automatic lid placement, seam monitoring systems, and quick changeover capabilities for efficient production. Additionally, they are typically designed to meet industry standards and regulations regarding food safety and hygiene. 

Continental / Closetech can seamers play a crucial role in the canning industry by providing a reliable and efficient means of sealing cans. They help ensure the integrity and shelf life of canned products while maintaining production speed and quality. 

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