March 1, 2024
Chad Kreel

Quality Connection has been providing parts and assemblies for over 33 years in the niche market of can closing machines for the food and beverage industry. We thought we would put together a quick video of a sample Can Holding Chuck (Lifter) to show one of the many assemblies that we build for customers. This is not a professional video, it is a real authentic video that was shot in our shop.

This particular Can Holding Chuck is a for 450 machine that we are assisting a customer with rebuilding the entire machine from the ground up. While this is for a 450 machine, the concept is the same for all Continental / Closetech machines.

The tight tolerance parts are critical to ensure that the cans are properly lifted into place and lids are seamed correctly. If they are off by a margin of .001 or less the cans will not seam properly, resulting in non-seamed cans.

Quality Connection is a parts and knowledge resource for these machines. When you are looking for parts for your Closetech / Continental can closing machine or any other can seamer, reach out to Quality Connection as your trusted resource for can closing machines parts.

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