December 12, 2023
Chad Kreel

Did you know?

In the metal can packing industry a double can seam refers to the type of seal that is created on a metal can.

The double seaming method is commonly used in the metal canning industry. In this process, the lid is placed onto the filled can body. The lid and can body have interlocking layers that are mechanically sealed together to create a seam. The double seam is a purely mechanical process and does not involve soldering, making it a more efficient and durable sealing method.

To achieve a proper double seam, the can seamer machine goes through a series of steps. These steps include:

  1. Flanging: The can body is flanged, which involves forming the edge of the can body inward.
  2. First Operation: The first seaming operation secures the lid to the can body by folding and crimping the layers of the lid and can body together.
  3. Second Operation: The second seaming operation further tightens and secures the seam by folding and crimping the layers once again.
  4. Inspection: After the seaming process, the cans go through an inspection to ensure the quality of the seam, such as checking for any irregularities or defects.

The double seam provides a strong and reliable seal that is leak-proof and tamper-resistant, ensuring the freshness and integrity of the contents inside the can.

Can seaming may vary depending on the type of can and lid being used.

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